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The 2005 merger of two main logistics service providers—Global Spedition and TALKE Logistic Services—created a new company that combined their experience and knowledge: Global-TALKE


The distribution network is expanded, creating a strong association in logistics services of food and chemical products



Investment in equipment and technology that provide value-added services for its clients in the chemical sector

Mixing line of solid products

A mixing line of solid products is installed during this period, which is intended for products obtained in water treatment plants and in the paper-making industry, as a basic ingredient for producing cardboard.

Three lines of packaging liquid products

The assembly is also completed for three lines of packaging graded liquid products, designed to fill flammable, corrosive, toxic and highly viscous products in container formats that range from 25 to 1,000 kilos.

Packaging in Big Bags and sacks

In the same period, two installations are acquired for packaging in Big Bags and sacks for powdered products of industrial use, ranging from 25 to 1,000 kilos, providing a unique design in terms of the mobility of the packaging machine in order to be able to access the existing product in any of the existing 18 silos.

Inertisation of packages

A technology is developed together with the company Air Liquide for the inertisation of packages, and even large-volume tankers with nitrogen in a gaseous state.


New line of business for animal feed

The adaptation and construction of new warehouses begins, complying with the criteria required by the administration, obtaining the permits to store animal feed products intended for human and non-human consumption.

New line of business for animal feed

The adaptation and construction of new warehouses begins, complying with the criteria required by the administration, obtaining the permits to store animal feed products intended for human and non-human consumption.


New space for food storage

Construction begins on a new 4,000 m2 warehouse, with a 200 m2 adjacent area for handling and packaging these products, adapting these pre-existing packaging installations according to the criteria required by the client companies. These modifications involve introducing product control systems at any phase of their handling, with either magnetic separators or vibrating sieves.


New plant in Milan

Plant for packaging graded and ungraded liquid products in the Milan area.


Tank washing

The tank washing installations in Zaragoza is inaugurated


New acquisition of land

Acquisition of 40,000m2 for the construction of a new logistics plant near the port of Tarragona.



The Global-TALKE philosophy, understood to be continuously evolving, provides it with the ability to offer the best responses at any time, and has allowed it to maintain the trust of all of its clients.

The evolution of Global-TALKE has always had present the same values and spirit of work that served its founders to start their project:

  • Being an approachable client that prioritizes personal treatment, and where, listening to the clients’ needs is the first step to finding the best solutions.
  • Knowing how to adapt to each client, understanding their special characteristics and priorities.
  • Offering trust and viable solutions at the best price and as quickly as possible.

The ability to be positioned as an important provider of logistics services in the chemical sector products graded as hazardous and non-hazardous, has led to Global-TALKE being considered by its clients as an extraordinary collaborator thanks to its ability to manage these products.

Its 2012 introduction into the animal feed sector, including the GMP+ certification, has led to extraordinary recognition among its clients.

Leveraging its experience in these sectors, Global-TALKE got started in processing food products for human consumption, thus making it possible to diversify and participate in various sectors that require similar services and that allow expanding Global-TALKE own know-how and being able to be even more competitive in the market.

Human Team

The people who work at Global-TALKE constitute its most valuable asset. Global-TALKE dedicates important resources to provide personal and professional development tools to its employees.


Global-TALKE's policy consists of hiring collaborators equipped with personalities and professional aptitudes that allow them to develop a long-term relationship with the company. For this reason, Global-TALKE enjoys a high degree of permanence of staff at the company. In fact, many of the employees who started this project are still on the staff.


Global-TALKE has formed a multi-disciplinary ream of employees with very diverse affinities, but with a common reference: making the company grow and satisfying our clients’ needs.
The management’s goal is to attract and retain talent, strengthening Global-TALKE’s values. Likewise, it is necessary to increase flexibility within the organisation and be oriented toward change.


The organisational structure is based on four fundamental pillars:
- Department of Administration and Human Resources.
- - Department of Logistics, in charge of the proper execution of the services within the plants.
- Department of Quality-Safety and Environment.
- Technical Department for developing new projects.

In order to fully meet its goals, Global-TALKE has highly qualified staff with broad experience in the sector and with continuous training in the company’s key areas, through continuous training courses and updating of knowledge. A human team capable of fully and rigorously solving any client request.